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The Person

Posted on March 30, 2014 in News

Vico comments the Barbarous mentality and the argument of the Iliad: the disagreement between a dull sovereign and hero rude. The biggest personages of this poem, are sufficiently inconvenient for our parameters of civility. Homero made many comparisons to leave of feras and other wild things. This would be necessary to become to understand for vulgo fierce and wild. Everything this could not derive from a nature domesticated and civilized for some philosophy, not that truculncia and ferocity of style with that Homero described several and sanguinrias battles that particularly make all the sublimidade of the Iliad. Moreover in the case of the Iliad, not the existence of abstract values as native, nor great interests as the Gloria of the nations: nor one and nor another thing moves Aquiles to give aid to the aqueus.

Vico concluded that it must deny, therefore, the Homero all species of sapincia riposta. (philosophy). After that, Vico deals with the problem to know which would have been the native land of Homero.Quase all the cities Greeks and same of Italy they disputed the honor of been the native land of Homero. Vico mentioned that some authors if had strengthenn to prove that Homero was Greek of Italy and not of the Jnia (Vico, 1992 788). This discrepancy of worlds excites the hypothesis of that the author of the Odyssey would have been of ocidente of Greece, and therefore he would not be the same that the author of the Iliad, that very probably would be deriving of the Jnia. It would have, then two poetical times, both mystified in the person of Homero. The age of Homero is one another great problem to cause doubt. In accordance with the aproximativo method, Vico tried to find, by means of indications gifts in the texts, parameters that determined its age. For example, Aquiles, in the funerals of Ptroclo, promoted almost all the competition modalities that later Greece celebrated in the olmpicos games.


Frequent Errors

Posted on March 23, 2014 in News

Not to want to know the details of the death or to think that to cry very heartbrokenly it makes us lose the entereza they are some of the topics that with more frequency we tried to avoid when the loss of a dear being takes place. The psychologists we recommended to separate from the following errors: Pensar that when the person dies it loses its memory the emotional memory and entailments does not disappear. They remain, and they appear in the form of fleeting memories or dreams. Creer that to surpass the pain we must return immediately to our daily tasks Agrees that we occur a time to reflect and to live the pain being borne the duro emotional process that supposes the loss. Pensar that we do not have to know the details the death nor to see the corpse Although is hard, to know how to the details of the disappearance of the loved person aid to accept the reality of the absence. The lack of information can generate unreal confusion and fantasies. Creer that when rage is demonstrated, pain or hopelessness more has set out to the depression the expression of these feelings are necessary, because it allows that the loss is processed and the duel is elaborated, although can perceive like exaggerated or own manifestations of cultures or countries little developed. Considerar that the affection by the absentee must be expressed with much moderation Although in our culture values the character firmness and the entereza, we must allow us to express the painful emotions freely.

Emprender radical changes is not the best moment to sell properties, to be decided to change of residence, to be made position of the grandsons to palliate the solitude Deja spends the time before making important decisions. Mantener the things like when it was Its clothes in the same site, the room as always you do not make sanctuaries in memory of your dear being. You will always take to him in the memory and, therefore, it will follow with you. Conservar the ashes in house the homes are life spaces, not of death. You do not fall in the temptation to turn your house into a sanctuary. You will make difficult the duel process.


The Design

Posted on March 17, 2014 in News

chairs day care chair The design is in the original wall decoration Entry 2.0. Other reference sites: Christmas, Free Games and Education 2.0. Web-design and day care chairs custom development. the united states education is dependent on are education essential for a class room At home or in our office but folding chairs never comes to folding chair bring great change, we are full of new energies, may modify school furniture our routines and, as we propose, school equipment our mood. Many times we turn to what we student chairs have more on hand as rearranging the furniture or put any dining chairs plants. We changed the place of chairs, tables, pictures, electrical and really get what we want.