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Territorial Organization

Posted on September 25, 2012 in News

Main article: Autonomous communities of Spain, provinces of Spain, History of the territorial organization of Spain and Annex: Capital of the regions (Spain)
SPAIN ‘Autonomous Communities
La Mancha
and Leon
Balearic Isles
Mediterranean Sea
Bay of Biscay
Spain is a nation organized territorially into 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Title VIII of the Constitution, the territorial organization of state municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions, with these skills to manage their own interests with a large degree of autonomy, legislative, budgetary, administrative and executive powers in the exclusive state guaranteed through the Constitution and every statute of autonomy. Although Navarre is not constituted as autonomous communities, with a Navarre, and not having developed a Statute of Autonomy, but articulating amejoramiento one of their traditional jurisdictions, autonomous community is considered for all purposes, as interpreted by the Constitutional Court.
Each Autonomous Community is formed by one or more provinces, making a total of 50.
Since 2003 has adopted the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics or NUTS units, three levels, based on purely statistical and European standards set by the Eurostat. The 50 Spanish provinces and two autonomous cities are classified at the NUTS-3, the 17 autonomous regions are classified at the NUTS-2 and the NUTS-1 levels have been set up groups of autonomous communities.

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The business of construction

Posted on September 19, 2012 in News

Characteristics of the construction business building everything from the standpoint of private investors, is characterized for most of the other industries where the success (or failure) of a given development estate is born and dies with the construction and sale of the account enterprise itself. Any other industry sectors involves investment in assets linked intimately almantenimiento in time of a particular production line. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee It’s so who invests in a plant food production can not fail to banking produce food without taking huge losses associated with capital tied up by the plant unprofitable. By contrast, in the construction industry each work in itself becomes a single production line that starts with investing accounting in the field and the associated project and closed the day finally sold the last functional unit. Similarly, the success of a particular product does not ensure equal outcomes estate for another venture of the same characteristics, even executed by the same manager in a similar plot, heavily reliant on the banks results of various factors, among which include: – the financial location – investment the characteristics of the market that is intended, – the existence of credit and attractive interest rates – the political and macroeconomic context and magnitude of the associated risk aversion – the way the public perceives the qualities and shortcomings of the enterprise. As a matter of approximation and in order to define the roles in a building project refers to the following companies scheme where focus is on the functions of each of the participants: Diagram of Participants in private construction Developer is the person, or group of associated persons, making the investment and development undertaken comprise a certain design, construction and marketing. In the case of public works the developer is the state-in the case of a large corporate building developer company may be the same company. Within the private work can set corporation up two trading preliminary categories of consumer developers: Developers stable are those that over the years have maintained their presence through the generation of several ventures, concentrating most of its businesses in the construction of .

Box Stairs

Posted on September 6, 2012 in News

She would not be more easy to have only the slope in front of the door? The slope does not exclude the stairs yes! This because the bank agencies are a step the front in the accessibility questions. It has disposal and interest in becoming the spaces in the accessible banks all, but it lacks very. I am made an impression with the lack of accessibility in public building of the city, the schools, the ranks of health. It stows in the CIRETRAN a few days ago and it observed the precariousness of the access. The building is a narrow labyrinth of stairs, doors and corridors.

I asked to the employee who took care of to me as it would be the access for a person in chair of wheels, informed me to it that the person would have that to enter for a lateral access without stairs. I thought: The person alone would pass for the door, impossible to transit there inside in chair of wheels. Without thinking about the constaint which the person would be submitted of to have that to enter for another door and to see the furniture to be dragged so that it had access to the attendance sector, therefore in ‘ ‘ terica’ ‘ door of access for one of the rooms of the building has a leaned table where an employee works. The examples are innumerable, the city not yet are prepared to take care of the necessities of the people with physical deficiency. The sidewalk they are at least, curious. In the center of the city it has places where it does not have stone pavement, but, incredibly, it has access slope.